About Maple Services

About Us

Maple Services is a tech solution with an online database that gives companies access to a pool of thousands of skilled candidates. We connect potential employees to employers with powerful time saving short-listing tools.


MapleServices is a recruitment solution provider that provides employers with easy recruitment options for talents in full time or part-time basis. By constantly monitoring the best people in the market to identify and uncover hidden talent, we provide our clients with a database of potential staff before they are needed; reducing the time it takes for traditional recruitment by getting the right people for the job, sourced and selected by our experts.

Maple Services will also help to save employers funds spent on adverts, time taken reviewing irrelevant applications, take off the burden of going through numerous resumes, fast track selection and recruitment process as a whole as well as being a means of filling vacancies fast.

We offer candidates:

·         An effective profile that acts as an online CV.

·         Connect them to employers at no cost.

·         Increase their chances of employment.

·         Remove the challenge of lack of information on job openings.

·         Present their resumes to a large network of employers.

·         Remove the challenge of indiscriminate job applications.

·         Remove the challenge of lack of information as to how and where to send resumes.

  • Our Vision

    To become the world’s foremost recruitment agency by assisting small, medium and large scale firms in attracting paramount talents that would help them achieve their various aims and objectives.

  • Our Mission

    To work closely with organizations to help them achieve their vision and long term goals by making the best talents available to them to choose from.



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